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You’re invited to join  "Living A Simpler Life and Thriving"
Saturday, September 11 at 10:00 am to 11:30 am PDT.  

Join us as we celebrate the miracles of embracing a simpler life and thriving post-COVID!⁠ 

Inspirational Guest Wellness Achievers:
Allison, Julia, Marcia, Sachii

😃Allison - Founder of Natural HaiRevolution,⁠ Shares the possibilities of thicker hair growth,⁠

😊Julia's voice is heard on hundreds of gold and platinum albums. To name just a few - Adele, Christina Aguilera.⁠ Shares longevity tips⁠. Shares longevity tips

😇Marcia - photographer, environmentalist, health coach-astrologer. Shares how she saved her own life.⁠

😙Sachii - Hostess, Founder of Ziquin life, Health Geek.⁠

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