"We all have the ability to boost our health to a degree
that we might not often consider possible.”

- Sachii -


Sachii founded ZIQUIN life, a Pasadena-based company specializing in nutritional supplements to optimize healthy aging. From her teenage years, Sachii was drawn to the world of health and wellness. She observed firsthand the challenges faced by those around her, including her mother, a dedicated health professional who struggled with fatigue and chronic illness. Determined to understand the root causes of such health issues, Sachii immersed herself in Eastern practices and engaged in plant-based healing. Through her exploration, she witnessed individuals successfully transforming their health, leading her to develop a deep appreciation of nourishment and mind-body wellness.

This appreciation and a pressing need for superior nutritional supplements, particularly for her family, led to the formation of ZIQUIN Life. More than just another supplement provider, the Company promotes education that helps individuals and their communities optimize their energy and healthy aging.

Beginning her journey in the cultural and healing arts of Japan, Sachii has garnered three decades of expertise in the dietary-herbal supplement industry. Her deepest satisfaction lies in aiding a diverse clientele to exceed their personal health and wellness hopes.

Sachii speaks on a variety of health topics from a wide scope of perspectives. Her extensive background encompasses supplement design with top chemists and pharmacists, careful selection of raw materials, and the education and guidance of individuals on their path of healthy aging.


(pronounced ZEE-quin)

is a Tibetan word that defines a state of knowingness.
At ZIQUIN Life Our Four Core Values are...

1. Integrated Well-being

Nurturing the complete individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. Self-Compassion

Treating oneself and others with kindness, understanding, and acceptance.

3. Evidence-Informed Wellness

Our journey is guided by the latest science and research.

4. Balance

Maintaining equilibrium is key for work-life harmony.


Facing challenges and setbacks with openness and dignity cultivates resilience and confidence.


Aligning with a cause greater than ourselves can be a catalyst for personal, spiritual and global change.