About Us

Ziquin Life™ is a holistic health company. We offer mostly plant-based nutritional supplements from pure, verified sources.  At Ziquin Life we integrate the essential principles of ageless vitality.  We draw inspiration from generations of men and women who have nurtured the health and wellness of their families and communities. Collectively as a rising  population, we share stories, recipes and self-care routines so that we can better take care of our mind and body.


Far greater than we realize, with the right dose of love, respect, and nutrition, we have the ability to actively revitalize our bodies. - Sachii

Jayme Sachii better known as Sachii --- knows the crippling effects of suffering from dysfunctional health and how it can limit our creativity, productivity, and the ability to dream and move in the world. 

The creation of ZIQUIN LIFE came from her own challenges with chronic fatigue; advanced allergies to the environment; brain fog; irregular cycles; and more. What she quickly recognized is that far greater than we realize, with the right dose of love, respect, and nutrition, we have the ability to actively revitalize our bodies.

Years of working with hundreds of individuals and bringing together a community she terms as ‘wellness achievers’ led her to create ZIQUIN LIFE, dedicated to offering what she recognizes as the next level nutrition and guidance for a NEW culture of wellness achievements.

As a respected health-style educator and founder of ZIQUIN LIFE, she is committed to providing men, women and their families with the experience of transforming their relationship with their body, their health, their mindset and  their energy. Her signature self-care routines and an exclusive line of pure essential nutrients are reported to increase measurable levels of clarity, stamina, and productivity.

To make this happen, Ziquin Life collaborates with seasoned-specialists in the field. They are a licensed pharmacist, MIT-trained veteran in supplement formulation, numerous researchers and professionals in the science of nutrition and dietary supplementation production.



 Ziquin (pronounced ZEE-quin) is a Tibetan word that defines a “high state of awareness.” Ziquin Life advocates integrating health, social and environmental consciousness. Here are our seven core beliefs:

1.Paradigm Shift

The evolution toward a holistic-wellness model is essential for ensuring enhanced quality of life now—and for future generations.

  1. Balance 

Maintaining work and life balance is fundamental to vitality and harmony of mind, body, spirit.

  1. Leadership

Strong, conscious leadership encourages the highest expression of personal excellence in others.

  1. Diversity

Recognizing the healing force of love and respecting diversity found in every culture.

  1. Self-Responsibility 

Taking responsibility for personal decisions and choices impacts our sense of well-being and determines the future.

  1. Perseverance

Responding to challenges and setbacks with openness and dignity develops resilience and confidence.

  1. Catalysts

Aligning with a cause greater than ourselves can be a catalyst for personal, spiritual and global change.