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Introducing four speakers:


 After six spinal surgeries and through challenging times with pain and medications. Susan inspires us with her remarkable journey of resilience.

BIO: Susan D, has been involved in the Human Potential Field since the early 1980s when she was an Alcohol Treatment Specialist with the US Department of the Navy.

' Dealing with six spinal surgeries, I was prescribed health professional supplements and tried other popular health brands. But Ziquin Life are the products that have worked the best. Before adding Ziquin supplements, I looked emaciated  and seriously ill. I notice the nutritional absorption from Ziquin products are making the difference in my energy and  vitality in healing at higher levels."

Susan's Key Products

Mind Body Tonic, Zymatic, Joint Motion, EFA Complete and
rotation of other  Ziquin life Products


BIO: Teresa Ichsan is a Soul Purpose & Success Coach for multi-passionate ambitious women of color who are often running on fumes, feel empty and unfulfilled. Teresa's resiliency and passion for service are what drive her to share her story and inspire people to live on purpose. 


"Since taking Ziquin Life supplements, my digestion has improved, my brain feels more clear, and my energy has totally improved." 

Teresa's Key Product:
Mind Body Tonic

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BIO: Harden Carter is the founder of “Places in The City" with over 51,000 followers interested in regional perspectives of California lifestyle as seen through Harden's eyes. He passionately promotes sustainable living and healthy aging in urban settings.
" I feel better today, than I did a decade ago. For years, health things slowed me down but are now gone. Ziquin makes health sustainable"

Harden's Key Products
Mind Body Tonic, EFA Complete, My Cardio, Sparkle Minerals



BIO: Magda is the Founding Director, Magda Kaczmarska Dance, Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health - Global Brain Health Institute,
UC San Francisco


" I love your community and Thank you for introducing me to
the Ziquin Life story

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