Summer Foot Care - Fatigue Tips

Look Out Feet! Summer is here! With all the hand sanitizing going on, when was the last time we took a moment to protect our feet?

Strengthening and caring for our feet is also an inside-out routine, which means the food, beverages and supplements we take contribute to the health of our skin, joints and good looks.


Diet is key for foot care, and your choice of sandals makes a difference in your wellness too.

Which leads to a reminder about flip-flops, because we all enjoy wearing them. However, are you noticing more lower back, leg, calf, toe, ankle or hip pain?

I never thought too much about the risks of flip-flops until my own pair caused an inflammatory injury! I then noticed those easy-breezy flops might be causing more problems than we realize.

Although popular and easy to slip on, flip-flops can add to inflammation.

Feet experts warn, "Not only are you putting yourself at risk for injury by wearing flip-flops, but you're also putting yourself at risk for permanent damage."

Dr. Alex Korr, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, says he "cannot recommend flip-flops for long-term wear" based on damage to feet he's seen across different age groups.

Although this beach slipper is everywhere, who would guess they are troublemakers? The easy-breezy unstructured sole makes your body work too hard to keep the shoes on.

Experts say, "Toes, tendons and muscles (tend to) overgrip as you walk to keep them on your feet. There is also no arch support and no shock absorption or cushioning." As a result, when worn regularly, fiip-flops lead to injuries such as tendonitis, fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes and stress fractures.

"Ankle sprains and stress fractures from overuse of these shoes are the worst," the expert mentioned. "Not only are they painful, but there is usually about a 6- to 8-week recovery period where your activity is very limited as you heal."

"Flip-flop injuries are a major problem for patients who have lost sensation in their feet (i.e., some diabetic patients)," says one podiatrist.

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Additionally, Ziquin's "My Cardio" can support foot and skin care health too. This powdered beverage is often used in sports and enhances activities related to circulation.

Everything is interconnected. What's good for the feet and skin from a nutritional perspective is often good for the heart and brain too.