Fighting Hair Loss and Winning

Allison's shares her journey of growing thicker, longer hair.

The story begins: I noticed balding spots at the temples and front of my head. My hair was dramatically thinning. I tried everything on the market for improving hair growth, and spent a lot of money on high-end hair products to solve my escalating hair issues. 

After several months, I was frustrated because my hair would look and feel great for a few days, then return to its former poor condition. Nothing I tried helped me achieve lasting results.

I wanted solutions and was wasting time on products that didn't work. So, I began researching and exploring natural hair techniques and took meticulous notes about what I was discovering along the way. 

I also made healthy changes to my diet and began supplementing with vitamins and herbs. 

I focused on how to address these issues:

  • chronic dryness
  • splitting ends
  • excessive hair shedding
  • thinning at the temples

Months Later

I was making progress. My hair was changing with the herbal mixtures I put together. Over a few months, my hair became smoother and, as it became more manageable, I kept putting off using a relaxer. (Not everyone will experience this amount of smoothing, as the effects differ depending upon your hair grade.) Finally, I never relaxed my hair again. 

I started receiving many compliments on my hair and was asked what I was doing to change it, so I began helping other women with their hair issues, too. They also experienced success with their hair goals over time and this was how I started my own company, Natural HaiRevolution.

Much, Much Later

I rediscovered Ziquin Life for Hair Growth!

Years ago, I tried Ziquin Life products years but stopped. Then after running randomly into Sachii one day, we chatted, and I felt it was time to re-start her supplements. I was curious to see how this brand might help with my hair.

By then, I was in the habit of tracking every ingredient and was impressed by what I found in Ziquin Life supplements.

Ziquin Life products made a measurable difference in my hair growth. Plus, my energy and mental clarity improved. With these great results, I switched and phased out from several brands of hair supplement products to just one brand for healthy hair: Ziquin Life. Register for Thicker, Longer Hair Workshop