Simple-Colder Weather Cleanse

The Importance of Food: Nutrition is pivotal in bolstering the body's natural detoxifying processes during fall and winter. Eating based on the five seasons is a practice in Chinese Medicine that uses food and elements from nature to balance the body. This approach, called Shi Liao or food therapy, is a traditional way to prevent and sometimes treat illnesses.

Foods to Include: Autumn calls for pungent-sulfur foods including onions, watercress, broccoli, mustard, and horseradish. These foods invigorate the senses and are abundant in sulfur, which aids the body's elimination pathway during the autumn and winter months.

Foods to include:  Winter, focus on foods that support your kidneys, such as black beans, rice, leeks, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, and sea salt-seasoned broth.

Opt for warm, slow-cooked dishes like stews, soups, curries, and casseroles. Complement these with a serving of greens.

Supplement Support: For an elevated lift to an autumn cleanse plan, our IMMUNO-BALANCE Gut-Liver Care, for instance, offers ancient eastern wisdom in supporting digestion and liver health, aiding the elimination of viral wastes.

Consistency is Key: A successful seasonal cleanse is not a one-time effort but a consistent practice. By regularly making mindful food choices and supporting your body through supplements, you pave the way for sustained health and energy levels.

Understanding Autumn and Your Body: Autumn is closely linked with metal element in Chinese medicine, focusing on the lungs and large intestine. These organs play a crucial role in eliminating toxins, thereby fortifying the immune system.

As we transition into the colder months of Winter, it is essential to support the lungs and related pathways to ensure overall vitality. RESPIRE Respiratory Care, is a major supportive element for the lungs and large intestine.

Key Takeaways: Autumn provides a unique opportunity to focus on lung and large intestine health, using a combination of diet, sulfur-rich foods and supportive supplements such as RESPIRE Respiratory Care. And introducing our newest Ziquin Life product, IMMUNO-BALANCE Gut Liver Care.