Julie A: Improved moods, digestion and Weight Loss
Ziquin is anti-aging and much more for me. I became interested in health when I was a heavy teenager with bad acne and mood swings who caught colds every winter. My stomach often felt bloated. Even starving myself did not help me look better. I knew there had to be something I could do to look and feel better.
After a Ziquin lecture, I realized I was nutritionally deficient. So I got more information and started Ziquin. Today I feel physically so good and so strong. My skin is much better too and I haven’t gotten sick like I usually do. Thank you, Ziquin.
Harden C: Increased Energy, More Sports and Productivity
In my experience, Ziquin IS anti-aging. When I moved into middle age, I was sleepy, tired, increasingly lethargic and even depressed. Whenever I walked, ran or played, I noticed leg cramps and my knees hurt. Then one day I ran into an older friend who was suddenly looking trimmer and better. When I asked what he was doing, he said, “Ziquin!” and emphasized that each product supports specific body systems. So I got started. Now I have less soreness and my friends ask me, “What are you doing?”
After receiving many compliments with increasing frequency, I know Ziquin is making the difference. I am more active, feel stronger and my enthusiasm and energy for hiking, surfing and other outdoor sports has returned. I take the Mind and Body Tonic and rotate in the EFA Complete and Neptune’s Minerals. I am grateful to Ziquin. Thank you, Jayme, for helping me, my family and friends.
Trish R: Pain-Free, Stronger Immunity And healthy weight
I am a believer! The anti-aging qualities of Ziquin products are absolutely true. My husband Doug and I have taken Ziquin for the past ten years. In the beginning, I sought to improve the vitality of my immune system. I was very compromised and had many bouts of flu, colds and achiness. Today I very rarely have these maladies. When colds begin, I take extra Ziquin products and it stops the progress the very first day. I love it!
Ziquin keeps me pain-free for the most part. My chronic neck and shoulder pain from thirty years of working as a dental hygienist is gone except for occasional flare-ups. Plus the Ziquin products help us keep our weight down and our bodies toned. Today most people think I look at least ten to twenty years younger than I am. Ziquin keeps us young, vibrant and pain-free. Thank you, Jayme and Ziquin!
Kraig C: Improved Lung Health, Breathing and Energy
The importance of Ziquin products was clear to me when my health started declining. In my younger days, I was a painting contractor for about fifteen years. During that time I ate all the wrong stuff, smoked, drank and eventually my lungs lost about 20% of their function. When I tried to breathe deeply, there was a point I could not move beyond to get more air.
I believe the synergistic nutrition in the total line of Ziquin products made the difference to my health.  Now eight years later, my lungs are back to the point where I can take full, deep breaths. I believe I’m now at 100% lung capacity again, which is where my lung function remains to this day. The best way for me to describe what happened with Ziquin is that it's like someone turned on switches inside me and everything began to work correctly again.  Thank you, Ziquin.
Audelia M: Reversed Pre-Diabetic Condition
I experienced fatigue so I went to my doctor for tests. Lab results showed my blood sugar was high. The doctors wanted to put me on diabetic medication, but agreed to let me try to improve on my own. So I focused on my Ziquin supplements and revised my daily diet régime with Jayme’s help. 
Six months later, blood tests revealed a clean bill of health—no more indicators for type 2 diabetes! Plus, I lost some unwanted weight. Today I have plenty of steady energy for Zumba classes and I am on NO medications. My primary physician told me I am the healthiest woman in their patient base in my age bracket—77 years young! Thank you, Jayme and Ziquin, for the best products and informative workshops. I have been a customer since 2005. Happy Tenth Anniversary!
Tessa B: Ten Years of Benefits with More Energy and Clarity
I asked myself, “What creates more energy, clarity of mind-body and helps sustain a VERY busy lifestyle when others are in retirement mode?” It’s Ziquin. The proof is in years of recommending its usage.
I’ve enjoyed these nutritional products for over ten years. They continue to play a major role in my personal and professional health cabinet. Ziquin sets a high bar for other supplements to match with its freshness, potency and quality. Thank you, Jayme and Ziquin, for ten years of great health!
Diane Y: Improved Body Tone and Contours
Yes, Ziquin is anti-aging. I tried many things but stayed with these supplements. As a former model, I am conscious of health and appearances. Since I began taking Ziquin the contours of my face and my body tone improved. I have extra energy to exercise and feel the difference. 
As part of my beauty program, I rotate through the entire line of Ziquin products. That way I can give my body all the special nutrients it needs for whole-body health and fitness. Thank you, Ziquin.
Katie D: Five Years of Improved Energy, Sleep and Weight Loss 
My family has been on the Ziquin products for about five years. I noticed my parents and I are much healthier today than we were before. My aunt commented at Thanksgiving they looked better. She wondered if it was truly the Ziquin products. We do not have the same health issues we had before.
I no longer get tired easily. The acne is gone and my skin is actually pretty. My parents kept off their extra weight and they really do look younger. We believe Ziquin is anti-aging. Thank you for all of your support.
Fumio S: Clearer Skin, Brown Spots on Face & Arms Gone
Ziquin is anti-aging for me! Attending alternative health seminars has been a hobby of mine for years, so I was first introduced to Ziquin at the 32nd Annual Cancer Convention.
I was told if I took Ziquin products regularly, my body would change. I was skeptical until people started mentioning how much better I looked. Before taking Ziquin, I had a lot of brown spots on my face and arms. Today those aging spots are all gone.
Also,Ziquin helped greatly improve my digestion. Now I take all the Ziquin products, although when I started it was just the Ziquin Energy Endo Plus and All Xymatic Relief.
My friend Melissa could not believe how my skin changed! Even my closest friends are surprised by how much younger I look. Thank you, Jayme, for the Ziquin products and your seminars.
Donna L: Ten Years of Benefits in Overcoming 16 Health Issues
All the Ziquin products played a major role in my overall health for more than ten years. With Ziquin I overcame 16 health issues. This included fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, restless legs, excess weight, foggy brain and chronic pain.  Today I take Ziquin formulas to support my strength, vitality and clarity of mind. I am 73 years old and doing really well. Thank you, Jayme and Ziquin, for making a difference in my life and health.
Anne G: Nutritional Benefits Leads to Lifesaving Knowledge for an Entire Family
For the past five years, Ziquin has been a lifeline to us. It provides needed education and nutritional supplements to keep us going. We are confident this knowledge helped us save the life of a young family member in Mexico. It gave her strength so she could get proper medical attention and fully recover from surgery. 
We trust in God and natural health prevention. So Ziquin is first on our grocery list. Jayme introduced us to the benefits of taking different types of supplements for different reasons, so we’ve been able to rotate through the whole line of Ziquin products. This has been invaluable! Our friends noticed we are healthier and even younger-looking. We are so grateful. Thank you, Jayme, for your insights and education.
Evelyn F: Long-term Help Stabilizing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Less Aches and Pain
I’ve been on a Ziquin supplement regimen for eight years. The Ziquin nutrients helped me stabilize a 20-year rheumatoid arthritis (RA) condition. Aches and pain are now no longer a daily occurrence. For the past three years I’ve been completely pain-free. I visit my rheumatologist every four months for lab work that monitors the condition of my RA. When he knows I’m coming, he invites other clinicians to view the progress I’ve made.
I take a couple of medications, but one big difference this year made me realize how far I have come since I began using Ziquin. Normally I take an annual infusion to keep the disease from further damaging my joints. Now, thanks to Ziquin, I have not had this infusion for the past 17 months. I might be medication-free someday since I will always continue using Ziquin.
Marcia K: Ten Years of Ziquin Help with Life Stressors
Ziquin is anti-aging when it comes to fighting high stress. I can honestly say I could not have lived through the past ten years without the constant, nutritional powerhouse support of all the Ziquin products.
Over these demanding and busy years, Ziquin helped me stay healthy with the good and bad stress of starting and running my own business, a difficult divorce, moving out of a secure and tight community, care-giving for my aging parents and eventually supporting myself on every level.
I so appreciate that this small company dedicated to excellent nutritional products stayed in business despite big corporate competition. Ziquin may be small, but it’s MIGHTY on nutrition! Congratulations on ten wonderful years!