Trish, She Is What? 76 years old? No Way!

When Trish and Doug recount snorkeling with whales, they describe it as "being in the heart of God". Trish and Doug are in Tahiti right now, one of the few places in the world where you can swim with creatures of the wild ocean. 

Imagine yourself communing with humpback whales, stingrays and wild dolphins! Trish and Doug say that it's like "being in the heart of God." Such adventures must certainly change your perspective of what it is to be human. They have offered workshops on whales and dolphins for the past 20 years.

Nothing seems to slow Trish and Doug down. Trish says at age 76 she feels more like she is forty. Doug at 70-plus says he has no complaints either.

Trish attributes their youthfulness in part to Ziquin Life nutritional supplements and part to their own inner practices. They have taken Ziquin Life supplements and lived an adventurous lifestyle daily for 15 years.

Amazed by their strength, focus and energy, it's hard to guess their ages - seventy-years plus. Next year this couple will retire just in time to redefine their next steps in life! Their ageless outlook is outstanding.

Generally, the expectations for seniors and what they can do have traditionally been narrow. But this historical "old-aged" view is now being cast aside by a new level of ferociously youthful seniors with a zeal and mission to live their best potential.

The "golden years" aren't what they used to be — they're getting even better. All thanks to advances in  nutritional strategies (ie, Ziquin Life), holistic medicine and lifestyle.

Because of this headway in awareness, Trish and Doug are the new normal in healthy aging for the 70-plus generation.