Beauty-walks for Conditioning Your Heart, Legs and Sole

Beauty-walks will tone, shape and fortify legs and calf muscles. Most people will say walking makes their legs, and the entire body feels better. It is because the "second heart," also known as the musculo-venous pump, is stimulated when walking.

It's really amazing how our calf muscle assists the heart in circulating blood throughout the body. This muscle in your leg region is often called the second heart because it plays a role within the circulatory system. It is constructed of valves, veins, and muscles located in the foot and calf. This region is responsible for pushing blood back up to the lungs and heart instead of downwards with gravity. 

It's important for a woman to realize that a beautiful calf muscle assists her beautiful heart in circulating oxygen. In fact, keeping calves strong is just as important as good nutrition, essential supplements, and other healthy choices.

 Tips for Shapely Calves

  1. Do ankle circle warm-ups!  Begin by rotating your foot in a circular motion. Warm up the ankles with a complete five circles in one direction and then repeat the other way. Try several sets.
  2. Think movement! If you find yourself sitting at work for long periods, it's good to remind yourself to elevate your legs slightly for better circulation. A primary beauty strategy during the day is simply- get up and move.
  3. Think foot-flexing! Try mini-exercises at your desk, and do standing stretches with a slight bend at your knee to feel the soleus stretching. 
  4. Do calf raises! Here's another reminder whenever you're standing—just shift your body weight from foot to foot and up onto the ball of your foot, raising your heels and slowly lowering yourself back down. Your natural body weight is enough to build strength.
  5. Increase your gradient! Walking uphill is an exercise that helps to define calves. The long and shorter calf muscle is called the gastrocnemius and soleus.
  6. Appreciate! Finally, shake out your feet, ankle, and calves; take a moment to appreciate them.



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