Why We Like Endo Plus?

Why We Like Endo Plus?
Why Drink Clarity for Clarity?

After every seasonal change in weather, many people feel the fallout from colds and flu season. To top it off, modern-day viruses are repercussive. This means you can appear to be over it, but then it hits you again, so an untimely episode can last up to a month or even longer.

Yet there are those who seem to skate through changes in weather, cold or hot, relatively unscathed each year. What’s their secret?

For some, it’s Endo Plus. This formula is known to help restore immune and hormone balance, repair skin and hair while balancing mood and a sense of well-being.

Vitality and Hormone / Immune Support
One of the most important types of dietary supplements that support the immune systems of both men and women are adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs, roots and berries that help in-crease resistance to illness and assist in supporting immune system function in non-specific ways during times of long-term stress. Adaptogens help health-conscious people successfully slow down the wear-and-tear that stress  and aging can have on their bodies.  The adaptogenic herbs in Endo Plus are:
• Astragalus ─ helps immune system
• Dong Quai  ─  assists skin and hormone balance
• Eleuthero Root ─ for relieving stress, boosting immune, sustaining increased performance
• Ginseng ─ strength and stamina enhancer
•  Licorice ─ supports adrenal glands under stress
•  Schisandra Berries ─ supports lung, liver and immune system
Researching Adaptogenic Herbs and Stress
The Russians initiated studies of adaptogens in the 1960s, which grew into a biomedical field with two streams of research: (1) effects of stress and (2) measuring biologically active substances.  
As research continues, little doubt remains that adaptogens play a role in helping us better adapt to stress while assisting in regulating healthy aging.  Endo Plus combines adaptogens with two essential vitamins, two minerals and five amino acids (proteins):
 Vitamin B6
 Pantothenic acid
 Selenium
 Potassium Iodide
 L-Glutamine
 L-Arginine
 L-Leucine
 L-Valine
 Tyrosine
These important nutrients are required to regulate hormone production and immune function, digestive tract and brain health, and muscle tone for healthy aging and weight control.
Adaptogenic herbs, combined with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Endo Plus, make it particularly well-suited for people who lead demanding lifestyles. It benefits those rebounding from stressful times, which may include illness, nutrient deficiencies, broken bones, car accidents, emotional trauma, cancer recovery and surgeries.
Vitamins and adaptogens may be used as part of a plan for the following conditions:
 Stress
 Exposure to stressors, such as high altitude or intensive training
 Increasing physical and mental stamina
 Enhanced performance
 Reduced incidence of infection
 Chronic illness
 Debility
 Convalescence
 Digestive issues
 Hormone balance
 Skin tissue repair
 Collagen repair
 Increased resistance to chemical carcinogens
 Reducing effects of chemotherapy drugs
 Protecting against the effects of radiation
Endo Plus also features potassium iodide and selenium. Until recently, it was generally thought we derive enough iodine and selenium from food. However, due to soil erosion and the effects of toxic compounds, insufficient levels of iodine and selenium are more prevalent than ever today.
Iodine is a mineral our thyroid and entire hormonal system depends upon. Adequate levels are necessary for immune, prostate and breast health and neurological development.
Selenium, a mineral known for keeping our minds and bodies operating smoothly, plays a role in thyroid function by transforming the inactive form of thyroid hormone into the active form.
Research shows optimized selenium levels link to increased vitality, vision, brain and immune function. Supplementing with selenium may help lower the risk of prostate and secondary cancers and plays a role in preventing cataracts and heart disease.
How Does L-Glutamine Support Skin Health?
First, glutamine has been shown to play a key role in the growth of fibroblast cells. These cells synthesize collagen, which comprises about 75 percent of the skin’s cellular structure. Collagen is the protein that gives skin its youthful firmness.
L-Glutamine Supports Firm Body Tone
A sufficient supply of glutamine is important for firm, supple skin. When not enough glutamine is available, the body draws it from muscle mass. Over time, muscle tone becomes flabby and good skin turns saggy.

L-Glutamine for Quality Skin
A pre-condition for healthy skin is acid regulation! When the acid base is thrown off balance, cells andtissues are destroyed. Glutamine can contribute significantly to a balanced acid base.

L-Glutamine for Exercise and Weight Issues
People who are overweight may need more glutamine particularly when eating fewer calories and exercising more. One pilot animal study showed L-glutamine appeared to influence weight loss by supporting gut microbiota, which translate into conditions favorable for weight management.

L-Glutamine for Improved Healing and Immunities  
In studies glutamine improved wound healing and immune function, especially for post-surgery patients and athletes after endurance events.
L-Glutamine for Digestion
Naturopaths often recommended L-Glutamine to individuals with inflammatory digestive disorders and conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s.

L-Glutamine for High Emotional Stress
In emergency situations, the body can become depleted in glutamine. Glutamine is “conditionally essential” so during times of injury or high emotional stress, the body requires more. L-Glutamine enables glutathione production, a natural antioxidant that prevents cell damage.

Arginine Boosts Healthy Hair
Many publications indicate the amino acid arginine is associated with hair growth. This precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) is vitally important for nourishing circulation to hair roots, resulting in healthier hair.