Are You the Next Wellness Achiever?

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Are You the Next Wellness Achiever?

At Ziquin Life, Wellness Achievers are people who strive for health consciousness from day to day. They are passionate about replenishing and revitalizing their health in mind, body and emotions. Together, they form a community of wellness achievers celebrating the journey of living life with gusto!

Meet three amazing wellness achievers!

Celebrating Julia!

Before and Renewed with Ziquin Life

In celebration, we speak with Julia, a modest and unassuming beauty. She keeps a low profile, helping iconic artists like Rod Stewart and Paul McCarthy sound their best. As a backup singer, she loves to do what she does - singing and thriving in wellness. Learn her nutritional and lifestyle secrets.

Celebrating Marcia's strength to find her way!

Before and Renewed with Ziquin Life

We learn that imbalances such as allergies, hypertension, and diabetes are hereditary, and we can do nothing about it. We think we don't have any power over illness and disease or even benevolently wrong medical treatments.

As a teenager, Marcia's well-intended doctor over prescribed a new blockbuster drug. The medication was hailed and praised. Unfortunately, Marcia's health was forever compromised by the severe damage. Hear about her journey to wellness and beautiful skin.

Celebrating Allison's Beautiful Hair

Before and Renewed with Ziquin Life and Long Hair Serum

Great health starts within the body and mindset.  After Allison suffered significant hair loss from the front and temples – classic female pattern baldness – she tried numerous topical treatments and supplements with no success whatsoever.  Allison began experimenting with natural hair care techniques and followed nutritional protocols focused on hair restoration.  Within a few months, Allison began reversing her hair loss and grew it longer, thicker and stronger than ever.  She founded Natural HaiRevolution to help others and share her knowledge and experience. Allisons preferred nutritional supplements for hair growth are made by Ziquin Life.