Pasadena Women Pioneering Healthy Aging Awareness

We don’t need to age the way we do. What most of us assume is normal aging is actually accelerated aging. We have natural tools to greatly improve our health once we put to rest our limiting beliefs.

Dispersing some of the myths about aging is the first step toward anti-aging “consciously.” Contrary to popular belief, both men and women can get healthier and look and feel even better after age 50, 60 or 70 years old and beyond. Tuning in to this awareness is more important than ever, particularly because women are living longer, tending to grandchildren and often must sustain an extra income. This is necessitated by changes in social security that are pushing the age of retirement later than age 65. 

In the City of Pasadena, we are fortunate to have women who are pioneering the way of healthy-aging for other women to live healthier lives. Some wonderful educational programs are available for free on a regular basis. Jayme Sachii who is well known for teaching reality based anti-aging programs that demonstrate clinical improvements in people’s health, vitality and the aging process. The So Cal Women’s Health Conference, founded by Lena Kennedy is an annual big event. Last but not least Ruthie Hopkins and the Pasadena Journal will join in a series of conscious anti-aging programs along with Ziquin Life in 2017 to benefit the men and women who live in Pasadena and surrounding cities. 

Enroll in free workshops today for December 16, 2016