Shake It Off!


Let's Shake It Off - Reset and Renew!

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In the spirit of celebration, I think it is appropriate to find a word!

Yes, a word or name that will act as a guiding star for the next 140 days, eleven months or whatever days are left in this year!

For people who like to reflect on what their intentions will be for a new cycle, it's a traditional practice to choose a word. 

Here's a list of some of our favorite words to select from!  

First, begin by reading the list of words below. What word resonates with you now?

Second, slow down. Take a moment to consider their meaning. Mix a glass of Clarity and Mind Body Tonic! Or My Cardio and Mind Body Tonic.

Third, enjoy this process. Select the word that best defines your guiding star:

Genuine Gregarious Accessible
Focused Mature Rational
Tough Compassionate Forgiving
Meticulous Relaxed Unassuming
Logical Protective Tasteful
Careful Faithful Lovable
Prudent Thorough Caring
Fearless Loving Punctual
Thoughtful Charming Firm
Objective Optimistic Dependable
Romantic Secure Honest
Warm Well-rounded Passionate
Courageous Decent Sensible
Generous Hard-working Adaptable
Responsible Orderly Determined
Versatile Self-confident Humble
Courteous Willing Patient
Gentle Decisive Sensitive
Obedient Helpful Adventurous
Responsive Organized Dignified
Vivacious Self-disciplined Humorous
Creative Wise Peaceful
Genuine Educated Shy
Objective Non-authoritarian Laughable
Romantic Heroic Diligent
Warm Original Idealistic
Curious Selfless Perceptive
Gracious Witty Sincere
Capable Exuberant Profound
Sympathetic Captivating Fair
Open Skillful Affectionate
Scrupulous Agreeable Diplomatic
Well-read Disciplined Imaginative
Daring Impartial Persistent
Personable Sociable Ambitious
Discreet Incisive Persuasive
Solid Amicable Dynamic
Independent Pioneering Spontaneous
Amusing Easygoing Innovative
Placid Sporting Articulate
Educated Insightful Practical
Strong Brilliant Energetic
Keen Precise Suave
Kind Principled Subtle
Charming Firm Loyal
Quick-witted Tidy Clear-headed
Flexible Magnanimous OTHER WORD?


Fourth, contemplate the idea of using your chosen word. Fill in the blanks. How does this word measure up? How does it shift your perceptions? For example, you might fill in the blanks with the word daring or grateful:

  • _______to say something heartfelt.
  • _______to love people in more thoughtful ways. 
  • _______to be more creative than you've ever been.
  • _______to wear colors that fit you.
  • _______to clear the clutter from the cabinets.
  • _______to say no.
  • _______to be okay with loving me.
  • _______to embrace a path to healthy aging.
  • _______to my life.

For extroverts at the party, please share your word! 

WooHoo! See you there! 

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Love XOXO!