Love, Daring or Grateful?

For many, it's already been the most challenging year of their lives. When you hear about tragedies happening to people near you, you start counting your blessings and become grateful for the simple things in your life.

So how do we start a New Year in an intentionally right way?

As we enter another pandemic year, there is a whole new perspective about what it means to live life well.

I think it is appropriate to find a word! Yes, a word or name! For some people, it's a traditional New Year practice to choose one. The name for the next twelve months should act as a guiding star.

If you are asked, what's your word or name for 2021?

Are you like some of us? Do you feel a little bit of pressure to choose something meaningful and extra thoughtful? Something other than a cliche to ring in this new year? 

I've been contemplating the idea of using for my word, "LOVE," "DARING" or "GRATEFUL." For example:

  • Grateful to say something heartfelt.
  • Grateful to love people in more thoughtful ways. 
  • Grateful to be more creative than you've ever been.
  • Grateful to wear colors that fit you.
  • Grateful to clear the clutter from the cabinets.
  • Grateful to say no.
  • Grateful to be okay with loving me.
  • Grateful to embrace a path to healthy aging.
  • Grateful for my life.

Do I have the time to choose another word or is this the best one for me?

However, as January has just begun, we all have a little bit of time to think for me - Love, Daring or Grateful?

After we've made a decision, perhaps we should choose a new word for each month? Like one month for "focus," another for "clarity," another for "balanced energy." 

All I know is that I enjoy the intention behind a word. I like how this practice will lead me through the year with a bit more mindfulness. 

On behalf of Ziquin Life, I love you all, friends. I wish you a strong foundation for the simple things in life. Along with a brighter path to healthy aging for you and your family.

May you find the blessings of a life well-lived in this very moment. The road to rejuvenation starts with LOVE and DARING.