Shaking Off Brain Fog

Being cooped up in the house or sitting all day with laptops is stressful. The burden of stressors accumulate. After a period of time, we start feeling less energetic and mentally alert, and even notice that brain fog is creeping in. This sensation is not just in your mind.

Research suggests that women and their children likely will create and learn more and feel better when they walk or do another form of exercise outdoors. Researchers at the University of Essex in England are advancing the notion that "green exercising" in the presence of nature has an added benefit, particularly for mental health.

Start by Improving Focus and Attention

Movement matters. So let's shake our bodies and booties. Most women just don't do enough of it. Moving toes, fingers, eyeballs, limbs, and torsos enhances cognition - thinking, learning, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving.  Exercise increases heart, lung strength, and blood flow which helps the brain, but changes occur not just to that brain. It's happening everywhere from feet, fingertips to sexual organs. More blood flow means more oxygen and nourishment to the cells of the entire body. Improved circulation leads to feeling sexier too - ooh-la-la-la.

Revitalizing in Earth's Green Spaces

When walking or doing exercise of any kind, try finding a green space to merge your physical energy with earth energy. Walking in green spaces is beneficial to everyone.

Our brain requires a balanced amount of glucose and oxygen to function correctly. Researchers have reported that kids with attention difficulties will focus better after being outdoors in green spaces. They have found that young people with ADHD scored higher on a concentration test after walking through a park.  

So the good news is you don't have to be a kid to feel the difference that walking in nature can do for the mind, body and emotions. Yay!

Optimizing Oxygen Levels For Focus and Balanced Energy  

Finding ways to optimize oxygen levels with both exercise and nutrition are keys to steady, balanced energy and focused attention.

Here are three simple areas to explore for increased oxygen flow
and circulation:

Exercise, Hydration and Nutrition. 

1. Exercises increase the oxygen flow in throughout the body

Try Yoga, Tai-Chi or Nordic Pole walking in parks and green spaces.

2. Hydration can help improve oxygen levels by delivering essential nutrients.

Drink pure, fresh water---stay hydrated.

3. Nutrition can help improve oxygen levels through nutrient chemistry.

Women of all ages are seeking steady energy BUT overlook the factor of brain-lung and fresh oxygen. The more women become familiar with what nutrients do, the more important eating and supplementing becomes.

Here is a starter list of fruits that are considered antioxidants: Watermelon, Blueberries, Cranberries, Artichoke hearts, Blackberries and Strawberries. For more ideas: 32 Foods for Heart-Bliss-Fitness.

Consider nutritional supplements: My Cardio, Mind Body Tonic and Respire for support of oxygenation and circulation for brain-heart-lungs. Steady energy and focused attention are the benefits of caring for your entire body.

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