Add these Strategies to Your New Year Plans

Modern illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented and even healed. Working with a health practitioner, having a  coach, using natural solutions and calming chronic inflammation fosters a new health-style. Here are five areas  to explore. 

  1.    Eat whole plant nutrients, add an extra side dish to each meal.
  2.    Add one or two hours of sleep each night 
  3.    Regularly hydrate  and mix you vitamins into your water
  4.    Use a B12 liquid vitamins and minerals for better absorption
  5.    Walk more, in the Nordic tradition of using poles.

Each one of these solutions are cost effective.

Far more costly is the side effects of an arsenal of medications. Billions of dollars are invested in the American health care system.  A vast majority of money spent totally on “sick-care.” Totaling more than 18% of the nation’s GDP.